I Need You

I need you
I need you
I need you
I need you
I'm asking my friend I need you again
Can you do something for me
Time it just passed and we had some laughs
Maybe it's just about greed
You'll always need me much more
Than I need you
You'll always need me much more
I need you
I'll ask you again but I don't think you've changed
You never did nothing for me
I wonder sometimes if you're looking down
On everything that you see
With all of your gold stories all told
Some things just aren't meant to be
You live in the past shadows don't last
This time it's all about me

Leadgesang: Dave Gahan; Words & Music: Dave Gahan & Knox Chandler 2003 JJSR Productions Inc. 2003. All Rights Reserved

Album: Paper Monsters  2003