(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me

Set me free
Remotivate me
Set me burning
After years in deep freeze
My body is yearning
For a new lease on life
Add a little spice
Set me free
Remotivate me
Give me a reason
To scream and shout
Give me something
To get excited about
When everything is looking dull
I'm sure it isn't impossible to
Set me free
Remotivate me
Don't think I'm impatient
Because I'm willing to wait
But something must happen
Before it gets too late
It could be my imagination
But wasn't there more than this numb sensation
Set me free
Remotivate me
Set me free

Leadgesang: Dave Gahan; Words & Music: Alan Wilder, 1984 RCA Music Ltd. All rights reserved.

No Albumrelease  Release as B-Side of Master and servant  7" & 12"  1984